A New TrueBlue

2015 has been a rewarding year for us thanks to the support from our partners and customers. Our partners offered great insight on which features and offerings are necessary to succeed in the mobile world.  Many of these discussions led to debates on whether pursuing these innovations would still be in line with our core values.

In early 2016, we revisited our vision for the company, which is to build a truly loyal consumer base for our business partner community.  This means more than just a loyalty stamp card. We need to provide  more effective ways of communication between our business partners and their consumers. We need to grow lasting, sustainable relationships.

When I say “we”, the TrueBlue team realizes that better merchant/consumer connection begins with us.  After a series of discussions among the TrueBlue team, we concluded that a rebrand and overhaul of our website was needed to help us better communicate with our partners.

We have worked closely with Longbeard Creative over the past few months to review what was important to us and how we can better connect with our partners. They were extremely patient with us in the process of redesigning our logo so that it reflects who we are. The logo is designed to resemble the left side of the T for TrueBlue, as well as a simplified version of a QR code, symbolizing the unique identity that each of our partner deserves.

In addition to the logo, we are introducing a new website.  From the About Page to the Features Page, each section is equipped with a feedback form so we can connect with our visitors better. Navigating our website is simpler than ever!  Striking imagery connects visitors with easy descriptions of our services, pricing, and more.

Once again, we thank Longbeard Creative for their efforts, and we look forward to hearing what you think about our latest developments.

TrueBlue-Final-Square-Black-S_edited LBC-B-Square-SMALL