uncle tetsu

Uncle Tetsu puts the ease in cheesecake

Uncle Tetsu, the famed Japanese Cheesecake brand, with over 30 locations across the globe, recently expanded into Unionville, just north of Toronto.
As is expected, the new location has attracted lineups of devoted fans and treat-seekers. And who can blame them? Bakers source carefully selected ingredients in precise quantities, including decadent cream cheese, premium butter and the finest farm-fresh eggs to craft the fluffy cheesecakes that simply melts in your mouth.

TrueBlue worked with the store to create a custom mobile ordering app, allowing customers to digitally place their order and skip the physical order lines. This has played a significant role in decreasing wait times and long customer line-ups and has led to an increase in sales by allowing another avenue for ordering: online.

Happy fans keep coming back for the delicious taste and the ease of satisfying their cravings. Thanks, Uncle Tetsu!