TrueBlue Identity

TrueBlue aims to intensify brand loyalty for each of our merchant partners. 

We turn consumers into brand ambassadors. Together with our partners, we believe in rewarding loyal customers and building long lasting relationships with them.

TrueBlue History

Established in 2015, TrueBlue has been chosen by numerous retail stores, restaurants, and events as their exclusive customer rewards program.

TrueBlue was founded on the growing importance of mobile device popularity. Based on our expertise in mobile marketing, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind mobile application platform to reward loyal customers that leads to brand dominance.

TrueBlue Tomorrow

An investment today will prepare merchants for a mobile tomorrow. 

A mobile app with your unique brand is a necessary tool in an increasingly competitive marketplace. TrueBlue strongly believes our customized apps makes for an affordable and easy-to-use method to expand your reach to loyal customers now and in the future.  

TrueBlue Connection

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